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  • Inspection of Documents with ROC for one company
  • Downloading of requisite documents for one company


  • Inspection of Documents with ROC
  • Downloading of requisite documents
  • Preparation of Search Report

ROC Search Report

All you need to know

A ROC Search Report is a valuable tool used by stakeholders, including banks, to inspect a company’s records. Professionals such as CAs, CSs, CWAs, and Advocates conduct a detailed inspection of the Registrar of Companies’ records to prepare the Search Report. Generally, all documents filed or registered by the ROC are available for inspection upon payment of the prescribed fees. The Search Report provides important information that stakeholders rely on to make decisions regarding investments, loan advances, control and management, or entering into contracts with the company.

The typical details included in a Search Report are as follows:

1. Name of the Company
2. CIN (Corporate Identification Number) of the Company
3. Registered Office Address
4. Capital Structure
5. List of Directors
6. List of Shareholders
7. List of Registered Charges

The Search Report may also include additional information as per the requirements of the bank or company.

Search Report process

The (Registrar of Companies) Search Report process is an essential step in obtaining critical corporate information related to a company registered under the Companies Act. This process typically involves conducting a comprehensive search of the ROC’s database to retrieve specific company details. These details may include the company’s name, registration number, registered office address, director information, financial filings, and compliance status. The (Registrar of Companies) Search Report process is invaluable for various stakeholders, including investors, creditors, regulatory authorities, and potential business partners, as it provides transparency and insight into a company’s legal and financial standing. It plays a pivotal role in due diligence, financial decision-making, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Companies and individuals often seek the services of professionals or online platforms to streamline this process and access accurate and up-to-date information efficiently.

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