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  • PF Registration (employees less than 20)


  • PF Registration (employees less than 20)
  • PF Return (ECR) for 1 year


  • PF Registration (employees less than 50)
  • PF Return (ECR) for 1 year

PF Registration

All you need to know

Provident Fund (PF) is a significant savings platform in India for employees across various sectors, including government, private, and public organizations. It is administered by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) of India. Registration for PF must be completed within one month from the date of hiring the 20th employee. PF serves as an effective means of providing social security to employees.

PF is a government-prescribed employee benefit scheme that offers various facilities, such as medical assistance, retirement provisions, education support for children, insurance coverage, and housing assistance. Its purpose is to ensure financial security and stability for employees.

Contribution to EPF:

Both the employer and employee make contributions to the EPF.

The employer deducts the employee’s share of EPF from their salary.

The employer is responsible for depositing their own EPF contribution along with the deducted employee share.

The employer’s contribution to EPF is 12%, and the employee’s contribution is also 12%.

Importance of EPF contribution:

The employer’s PF contribution is tax-free.

The amount, including the interest, is exempt from tax upon withdrawal after a specific period.

Organizations can voluntarily enroll themselves under the PF laws.

Note: Failure to register for EPF (Employee Provident Fund) on time may result in penalties.

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