1. Applying for GST (Goods and Services Tax) registration in India involves a systematic process through the official Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) portal. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for GST registration:


      Before you begin the application process, ensure you have the following information and documents:

      1. Valid Email Address:

        • Ensure you have a valid and accessible email address.
      2. Mobile Number:

        • Provide an active mobile number.
      3. Business Documents:

        • Depending on the type of business entity (individual, partnership, company, etc.), have the necessary business documents such as PAN card, Aadhaar card, partnership deed, etc.

      Step-by-Step Guide:

      1. Visit the GST Portal:

      2. Click on “Register Now”:

        • On the GST portal homepage, click on the “Register Now” button.
      3. Select “New Registration”:

        • Choose the “New Registration” option.
      4. Fill the Registration Application Form (Part A):

        • Complete the Part A of the registration form, providing basic details such as the type of taxpayer, state/UT, legal name, PAN, email address, and mobile number.
      5. OTP Verification:

        • Verify your email address and mobile number using the OTPs sent to them.
      6. Temporary Reference Number (TRN):

        • Upon successful verification, a Temporary Reference Number (TRN) will be generated and sent to your email and mobile.
      7. Proceed to Part B:

        • Log in to the GST portal using the TRN and complete Part B of the registration form. Provide the TRN and the captcha code to proceed.
      8. Fill Business Details:

        • Complete the business details section, including legal name, state, district, constitution of the business, etc.
      9. Fill Promoter/Partner Details:

        • Provide details of promoters or partners depending on the type of business entity.
      10. Fill Principal Place of Business Details:

        • Enter details regarding the principal place of business, including the address and contact information.
      11. Add Additional Places of Business (if applicable):

        • If your business operates from multiple locations, add details for additional places of business.
      12. Fill Bank Account Details:

        • Provide bank account details, including the account number and IFSC code.
      13. Upload Documents:

        • Upload the required supporting documents based on the type of business entity.
      14. Verification:

        • Declare that the information provided is correct and submit the application.
      15. Application Reference Number (ARN):

        • After successful submission, an Application Reference Number (ARN) will be generated and sent to your registered email and mobile number.

      Application Tracking:

      You can track the status of your application using the ARN. Once your application is approved, you can download the GST Registration Certificate.