indian railways subsidiaries

  • Indian Railways, one of the largest railway networks in the world, does not have distinct subsidiaries in the same way that private companies do. However, Indian Railways consists of multiple zones and divisions, each functioning as semi-autonomous entities. These zones and divisions handle specific geographic regions and operational responsibilities. Here are some key components of Indian Railways:

    1. Zonal Railways:

      • Indian Railways is divided into zones, each responsible for managing railway operations in a specific geographic region. Examples of zones include Northern Railway, Southern Railway, Eastern Railway, etc.
    2. Railway Divisions:

      • Each zone is further divided into divisions, and each division is responsible for the administration and operations of railways in a specific area. For example, a zone may have divisions like Delhi Division, Chennai Division, or Kolkata Division.
    3. Production Units:

      • Indian Railways has production units that manufacture various railway equipment and components. These units contribute to the development and maintenance of railway infrastructure. Examples include Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Rail Coach Factory (RCF), and Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW).
    4. PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings):

      • While not subsidiaries in the corporate sense, Indian Railways has some PSUs that operate under its umbrella. These entities may handle specific functions such as manufacturing, consultancy, and infrastructure development. Examples include RailTel Corporation of India Limited and Ircon International Limited.
    5. Organizations and Entities:

      • Indian Railways has various organizations and entities that contribute to its overall functioning. These include research organizations, training institutes, and bodies responsible for maintenance and modernization.

    It’s important to note that the organizational structure of Indian Railways may undergo changes, and new entities may be established or reorganized. For the latest and most accurate information regarding Indian Railways and its organizational structure, it is recommended to refer to official publications, reports, and announcements from the Ministry of Railways, Government of India.