• The fees for registering a partnership firm can vary based on the jurisdiction and the specific rules and regulations of the region. In India, the registration of a partnership firm involves certain fees that need to be paid to the Registrar of Firms. Here is a general overview of the partnership firm registration fees in India:

    Partnership Firm Registration Fees in India:

    1. Stamp Duty:

      • The partnership deed needs to be executed on non-judicial stamp paper. The stamp duty is based on the capital contribution mentioned in the partnership deed.
    2. Registration Fees:

      • The registration fees for partnership firms are prescribed in Schedule II of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899. The fees are relatively nominal and vary depending on the state.
    3. Professional Fees:

      • Many businesses seek the assistance of professionals such as chartered accountants or legal advisors to help with the preparation of the partnership deed and the registration process. Professional fees may vary based on the service provider.


    • Stamp duty rates and registration fees can vary from state to state in India. Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding these fees.
    • The stamp duty is typically calculated as a percentage of the capital contribution mentioned in the partnership deed, and it varies based on the state.

    Steps for Partnership Firm Registration:

    1. Prepare Partnership Deed:

      • Draft a partnership deed specifying the terms and conditions of the partnership.
    2. Stamp Duty Payment:

      • Purchase non-judicial stamp paper and affix the required stamp duty based on the capital contribution.
    3. Notarize Partnership Deed:

      • Get the partnership deed notarized.
    4. Visit the Registrar of Firms:

      • Visit the local Registrar of Firms office.
    5. Submit Documents:

      • Submit the partnership deed, application form, and other required documents.
    6. Pay Registration Fees:

      • Pay the prescribed registration fees.
    7. Obtain Certificate of Registration:

      • After verification, the Registrar of Firms issues a Certificate of Registration.

    Important Points:

    • The partnership deed and the application for registration must be submitted within three months of starting the partnership business.
    • It’s advisable to check the specific fees and requirements with the local Registrar of Firms or consult with a professional advisor.

    Always refer to the latest guidelines and rules issued by the concerned authorities in your state for the most accurate and up-to-date information.