• The online registration of a partnership firm in India involves several steps and can be done through the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Here’s a general guide on how to register a partnership firm online:

    Step 1: Choose a Suitable Name

    1.1 Unique Name:

    • Choose a unique and distinct name for your partnership firm.

    1.2 Check Availability:

    • Verify the availability of the chosen name on the MCA portal.

    Step 2: Prepare Partnership Deed

    2.1 Draft Partnership Deed:

    • Prepare a Partnership Deed outlining the terms and conditions of the partnership, including the rights and responsibilities of partners.

    2.2 Notarization:

    • Get the partnership deed notarized to make it legally valid.

    Step 3: Obtain Digital Signatures (Optional)

    3.1 Digital Signatures:

    • Partners may choose to obtain digital signatures, though it’s not mandatory for partnership firm registration.

    Step 4: Application for Registration

    4.1 Visit MCA Portal:

    4.2 Create an Account:

    • Create an account on the MCA portal.

    4.3 Login:

    • Log in using the created credentials.

    4.4 Navigate to Forms:

    • Go to the “LLP Forms” section.

    4.5 Form FILLiP:

    • Choose Form FILLiP (Form for incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership).

    4.6 Fill the Form:

    • Fill in the required details, including the name, registered office address, details of partners, and attach the notarized partnership deed.

    4.7 Attach Digital Signatures (if obtained):

    • If digital signatures are obtained, attach them to the form.

    4.8 Payment of Fees:

    • Pay the prescribed fees online.

    Step 5: Submission

    5.1 Submit the Form:

    • Submit the completed Form FILLiP on the MCA portal.

    Step 6: Verification and Approval

    6.1 Verification Process:

    • The Registrar of Companies (RoC) will verify the submitted documents.

    6.2 Approval:

    • Upon successful verification, the RoC will issue the Certificate of Registration.

    Step 7: Certificate of Registration

    7.1 Download Certificate:

    • Download the Certificate of Registration from the MCA portal.


    • The process may vary slightly based on any updates or changes in regulations.
    • It’s advisable to consult with a legal professional or chartered accountant to ensure compliance with all requirements.
    • Partnership firm registration is distinct from the registration of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or a company.

    Always refer to the latest guidelines and procedures on the MCA website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the online registration of a partnership firm.